Creating an interior design

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Creating an interior design


Interior Design Living Area

The question of creating an interior design doesn’t have a certain answer. The design is a matter of perspective, aesthetic outlook and way of life. It combines the artistic and technical decisions to achieve comfort and aesthetic attractiveness. There are still some aspects one should take into account when thinks of creating an interior design, such as the sense of balance, the accents, which are to be placed and the rhythm, which is to be achieved. Balance is the initial element of the interior design.

Interior Design – Modern Kitchen-Dining Area


Interior Design - Modern Kitchen-Dining Area

It represents the visual balance of the room. The design elements should be balanced according to their size, shape and material. The accent is the focal point of the room. This is what should immediately attract the attention. No matter if that’s the fireplace, a unique accessory, placed on a centre spot, or a wall panel. The rest of the arrangement should be chosen in such a way, that it underlines the accent. Rhythm as a follow-up element of the design represents the periodicity, measurement and alteration of the objects, which are used to achieve a visual effect. Their harmonious distribution can be achieved by increasing or decreasing their shape. Proportions and scale are the next element of the design, which should be taken into account. Proportion is determined according to the placement of the elements in the project blueprint. Scale is the size of the object according to the space, in which it is placed. The elements ensure the harmony and unity, which are part of the knowledge on creating an interior design.

Interior Design – Modern Dressing Room


Interior Design - Modern Dressing Room

The good arrangement of the interior is a matter, which encompasses all elements and principles one should know, when getting acquainted with the principles of creating an interior design. This is the bond of the artistic impressions and functional comfort, where all elements are harmoniously arranged. The result is achieved by correlating the separate elements of the colour scheme and using additional decorative accessories. The remaining details give a sense of originality, individuality and uniqueness to the interior. This is a correct way of creating an interior design.

Text by B. Angelov

Interior Design Stylish Bedroom


Interior Design Stylish Bedroom

Interior Design Stylish Bathroom


Interior Design Stylish Bathroom

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