What are the benefits of using epoxy grout – pros, cons and tips

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Everyone who installed bathroom tiles or backsplash tiles is faced at choosing a grout. Why do you need grout and what are the benefits of using epoxy grout? Nowadays, the market offers different types of grout and each one of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Many people ask if it is necessary to apply grout at all? It is very important to realize that even tightly set tiles do not provide water damage protection. It is the grout that seals the joints of the tiles and prevents and makes sure that there will be no mold and mildew growing and this is of highest importance in areas with high humidity – bathrooms, kitchens, powder rooms.


What are the advantages of epoxy grout?


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The most popular type of tile grout is the cement based one, which consists of cement powder which is dissolved in water. Epoxy grout differs significantly as it is made of epoxy resins and a filler powder. The biggest advantage of epoxy grout is that is extremely durable. Unlike other types of grout, epoxy does not absorb any water which means that is stain resistant and you will not have to scrub dirt from the tile joints.

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That makes it ideal for swimming pools, steam rooms or other areas with high level of steam and humidity. As far as appearance is concerned, you can choose from a wide selection of color options so that the grout works harmoniously with the tiles of your kitchen or bathroom.


What are the drawbacks of epoxy grout?


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The major drawback of epoxy grout in comparison to cement grout, for example, is that it follows its own rules for application which are completely different from the rules for cement. The grout requires mixing two or three separate components together before application which can be a tricky process. The process of application is another drawback as epoxy grout is not as flexible as cement and in addition it sets quickly.

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This automatically means that you should not mix all the grout that you need but work with batches. It is more difficult to shape it around corners and application is not an easy DIY project. Last but not least, the price tag is pretty high, but having in mind the benefits, it is only you who could decide whether to opt for epoxy or go with a cement grout.


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