Creating Paradise in your Small Garden Design

 Minimalist small garden design


Every garden can be the source of the utmost pleasure regardless of its size.  A small garden will offer you everything you need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  And the best of it is that these pleasures are free once you have planted your small garden. Once the work is complete its then time to simply pull out your favourite lounger and relax!

Small Japanese style small garden design idea  Japanese landscape ideas - small garden

The advantage of a small garden is that it is relatively easy to maintain once you have established your layout and design. Don’t be afraid to be daring in the design of your small garden, the examples shown here demonstrate what fantastic things can be achieved in a relatively small space. Your small garden, like any other size garden, should include an area for relaxing in and for entertaining friends.  A small decked area or patio will meet this important requirement.  You also need to provide yourself with pleasant shaded areas in your small garden if you want to keep cool when the sun is at its hottest.  Trees provide the perfect natural shade but if you don’t have mature trees an excellent alternative would be to hang an attractive canopy over the area you want to keep cool.  Alternatively, If you have enough room you could erect a canvas gazebo.

 Small garden / patio – It’s time  to relax Minimalist small garden design

When you start designing your small garden you need to consider what will suit the available space and what style of garden is suitable for you.  If you have a very busy lifestyle you will probably select a low maintenance garden unless you know someone who can look after your garden for you. Low maintenance gardens will usually have emphasis placed on solid structures rather than complex planting schemes. The ideal inspiration for this would be a Japanese ‘Zen’ garden where planting is kept to a minimum.  Importance is then placed on other elements such as water and stone.  The Zen garden is designed for relaxation and meditation, therefore, you know it would become a haven of peace and tranquility once established.

Modern design small garden  Minimalist small garden design

If you are keen gardener and love plants then you would be looking at making the most of your small garden to indulge your passion.  Don’t just look at the ground level to create your planting scheme.  Create different tiers using raised beds and large planters.  This will add a visual dynamic to your small garden area.  Consider how to get height into your layout and possibly use free standing trellised screens to create defined garden zones or rooms.  If you don’t have space for this, use decorative planters attached to your house walls to extend your planting upwards.

As this feature shows there are endless ways to create a personal paradise in your small garden area, so why wait any longer, get designing.

by Jaz

Modern landscape ideas - small garden

Landscape design ideas - modern small garden

Landscape design ideas - small gardens

Landscape design ideas - small gardens

Landscape design ideas - small gardens

Small Garden design idea

Small Garden design idea with tree house

Small Garden design idea

Small garden - landscape design

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