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Contemporary roof top gardens design

If you are a city dweller where private outside space is limited, its more than likely that your access to the great outdoors is restricted to a balcony or, if you are really lucky a roof top area. There is an increasing trend for modern ‘Urbanites’ to seek new ways to create stunning contemporary gardens in the most unusual of areas. The examples shown here are truly inspirational and show what can be done with a little imagination and creativity. There is something hugely romantic about a roof garden – a place for relaxing and entertaining that rises above the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

Roof top garden


Roof top garden panorama view

Looking out over a roof top panorama can be so exhilarating, particularly when illuminated at night. There are of course huge benefits in adding as much greenery as possible to a metropolitan environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh clean oxygen. They attract birds and insects that might otherwise be struggling to find suitable habitats in a town or city. From important locations in the west such as New York, Chicago and London to major eastern cities, for example in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, roof top gardening, is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

New York rooftop garden


New York rooftop gardens by Charles De Vaivre

Pioneering developments in Cuba are transforming once built up areas into green oases where every available space is used for growing plants. So how could you transform your roof into a magical garden in the sky? There is no end to the possibilities. Obviously the area to be developed must be strong enough to support imported earth and the structures for growing your garden in, but outside of these practicalities, reach for the stars.

Balcony roof garden


Balcony roof garden exterior design

Use dramatic lighting to highlight key features and structures, or create character and atmosphere with the lights themselves by choosing stunning colours, the planting can be as abundant or as minimal as you choose.

Stylish rooftop garden exterior


Stylish rooftop garden exterior

Strong formal shapes in furniture, ornamentation and platforms contrast well when using a range of foliate plants. Including a variety of exotic species will add pleasing formal contrasts and introduce elements of texture and distinct pattern to your fabulous garden. Vary the height of your planting to add even more exciting structure to your garden’s composition.

Rooftop garden terrace design


Rooftop garden terrace design

Don’t forget the option of including a water feature into your design. These are simple to install and will introduce instant ambiance to your terrace, have fun with the possibilities, once established your roof top garden will provide endless hours of pure pleasure.

Text by Jaz

Minimalist remodel rooftop garden


Minimalist remodel rooftop garden

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