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Avant garde architecture design

What are houses in 100 years? And after 200 or 300? From what materials will be built, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood or new materials?

Answer this question trying to make fiction and artists and architects now create homes of the future. Here we present some of the most interesting houses in the futuristic world. Some of them have space architecture, while others have a strange appearance. Amazing futuristic Palais Bulles house of Pierre Cardin is located in the French Riviera and was designed by architect Antti Lovag. Avant-garde design of circular rooms and curved glass makes the house unique and it was declared a historical monument.

Futuristic style house in Shell Villa


Futuristic style house in Shell Villa

Another amazing futuristic style house in Shell Villa was built by Japanese architects in a wooded area near Nagano. It looks like a scene from fiction, but is very real. Curved shape is successfully entered into the environment and become part of it. The big tree in the center of the courtyard has become part of the architecture. Timber is used in interior and exterior. Glass walls allow sunlight to enter the room. Concrete forms of house and plenty of glass and wood are wonderful combination.

Futuristic architecture house design

The next great bubble house was built in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz designed by the famous English architect Norman Foster. The facade is made of wood elements and is in perfect harmony with nature. Combines ultra-modern futuristic building design and local building traditions. She was raised on piles. In this way local people are built from the ground-lift protects buildings from moisture and pests.

Modern house architecture design


Modern house architecture design

Ultramodern house can satisfy all requirements of the owners. Proof of this is the house in Spain with mini golf on the roof. Modern architecture is consistent with the natural environment. The building seems to be perched on the hill. From the large windows and the roof pitch is a magnificent sight. The latest futuristic building, which we present is a home office. Its odd shape does not prevent people to have all the necessary amenities for work. Minimalist design provides more space and the large round window enough light enters the room. The houses of the future are equipped with high tech equipment and offer its residents all the amenities and quality lifestyle.

Text by Dani Alexsandrova

Futuristic home garden office design


Futuristic home garden office design

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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