Futuristic architecture or houses of the future

Posted on 24/12/2011 Author: . Under: Exterior Design


Avant garde architecture design

What are houses in 100 years? And after 200 or 300? From what materials will be built, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood or new materials? Answer this question trying to make fiction and artists and architects now create homes of the future. Here we present some of the most interesting houses in the futuristic world. Some of them have space architecture, while others have a strange appearance. Amazing futuristic Palais Bulles house of Pierre Cardin is located in the French Riviera and was designed by architect Antti Lovag. Avant-garde design of circular rooms and curved glass makes the house unique and it was declared a historical monument.

Futuristic style house in Shell Villa


Futuristic style house in Shell Villa

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