A home under an open sky

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Open air living room terrace design

Life between four walls can be boring, if it’s a wonderful summer outside. It’s hard to resist the sunlight, the aroma, floating in the air, the luring sounds of the long day and the cool wind at night. Spending time under the sun and stars can be possible without having to do much. People, who have a house, a villa with a veranda, or a backyard, can make this idea come to fruition. The open air room is to be on the frontier between the interior and exterior. A corner with two walls can become the basis of an outdoor room.

Modern outdoor chairs


Modern outdoor furniture chairs by Karim Rashid


Simple garden furniture and decorative elements are sufficient for the daytime crib. A tester bed on the veranda or in the summer shelter will make the night time rest a romantic experience under the stars. An even braver decision is to go with a garden crib, which would be turned into a place for relaxation, dining and having guests over for a cup of tea. This decision can be combined with nets for creeping plants, be decorated with hanging flower-pots, rose and lilac bushes, and transparent curtains. That way this place will be a cool crib for relaxing and getting in touch with nature during the hot summer days.

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