A Contemporary Garden Paradise – Landscaping by Ando Studio

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A contemporary garden paradise Zen garden

Sublime and ethereal, this is not a case of a house being constructed to harmonize with nature. It is more about a garden being meticulously and imaginatively planned to suit the built environment which surrounds it. Obviously the plants are natural organic entities but that’s as far as the word ‘natural’ can be applied to this ambitious planting scheme. This is a garden that is seriously formalized, organized and controlled. The trees, shrubs and plants have been moulded and ordered to create an awe inspiring breath of fresh air amongst the complex of palatial architectural constructions.

Garden exterior design by Ando Studio


Garden exterior design by Ando Studio

The garden and villa appear marvelously fused together, initially through the inspirational design and later by a disciplined maintenance regime. The main influence is, as the designer says, Japanese. This is evident in the formality and stylisation of the planting and the plant species themselves. The inclusion of the elements of air, earth and water are all inspired by the Japanese ‘Zen’ garden.

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