Modern house numbers – exterior house decorations and curb appeal

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Modern house numbers are a great way to add style and originality to your home and believe it or not, but they add to the curb appeal of the home. House numbers are the most popular type of information on the streets and we see them every day. House numbers, street names, numbers of entrances – all this is a necessary information in any dwelling place. This information is essential not only in big cities but in the smallest villages and a sign with the street name the house number can be seen on every public or residential building.


Modern house numbers – how to choose the right house numbers for our home?


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Modern house numbers come in numerous designs, a large variety of materials and they, just like the mail box are important elements of the house exterior. When choosing the right house numbers for our home we have to take into consideration two main factors – readability and visibility. In simple words this means that the house number has to be clearly seen and read from the street. You know that the house number greatly influences the first impression of your home, as this is what your guests and visitors look to see when approaching your home. The size of the house numbers is very important and it is determined by the distance between the house and the street. Selecting the proper size, the color and the font of your house address numbers for clear readability from the street makes a very good impression and speaks for a homeowner who cares for the details and the curb appeal.

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Visibility is absolutely a must when you choose the house numbers. Just think about it – deliveries, mail, taxi, visitors – they all need to see the your house number easily. The great thing about modern house numbers is that they can work with many architectural styles. Of course, modern stainless steel house numbers will look weird in a Mediterranean house exterior, so before buying the house numbers, think of the right style.


Modern house numbers – how and where to place them

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Before you bought your modern house numbers you need to decide how and where you will place them, as this will determine whether you choose separate numbers or opt for a plate. Keep in mind that placing numbers in a horizontal line is the easiest to read. Stacked vertically is also a good option while house numbers arranged at an angle is the hardest to read.

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Where to place your house numbers? There are many options as people live in different houses and have different individual requirements. When you have a fence, especially if it is a tall one and the house is not visible from the street, the house numbers can be placed on the fence. With a picket fence, for example, things are different because you have more options – you can display your modern house numbers on the fence, on the door of the house or on a wall, provided it is clearly visible from the street. Another option is to use a pier, plaque or gatepost, but whatever place you choose for your house numbers, make sure that they are not blocked from view.


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