Patio door handles – the finishing touch to your patio doors

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Patio door handles are an accessory that we seldom think of. Usually we accept is as a hardware but in addition to the practical function, the door handles have a decorative function and it is worth thinking how to combine visual aesthetics with operative functionality. Patio doors can be different – from traditional French doors, modern bi-fold, doors, sliding doors, and each type of patio doors has different technical characteristics and requirements for door hardware.

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In addition, the security function is also important, so when you shop for patio door handles, they have to meet your criteria for durability, sturdiness, security and visual appeal. Last but not least, patio door handles have to match the door itself and the material that it is made of. For example, a plastic door handle is not a good choice for French patio doors made of wood.

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Patio door handles come in different materials, size, shape and depending on whether you want a locking or non-locking handles, you can choose from numerous options. The hinges and the locks of the doors also add to the visual appearance of the door, so make sure they match in style and material with the overall look of the house interior and exterior. Most manufacturers offer universal patio door handles and yet you need to know exactly what you need. Some handles are mounted on the surface of the doors by simply being screwed to the face of the frame while mortised locks are fitted into the frame of the door.


Sliding patio door handles – designs and ideas


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Sliding patio doors are widely popular as they are the line between the interior and exterior and provide a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor space. They save space and reveal the external view and can be made of different materials – aluminum, plastic, wood. Sliding patio door handles provide the smooth, effortless operation so that you can close and open the doors whenever you wish and take advantage of the outdoor living space. Sliding patio door handles come in a wide variety of designs and they are usually installed inside and outside the doors so that you can open or close them from both indoors and outdoors.


French patio door handles ideas – an elegant addition to a beautiful door

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French doors open outwards away from the main building and are a classic type of patio door. Many people prefer French patio doors as they have a tremendous visual appeal and add to the overall design of the room and the outdoor area. Like with sliding doors, French patio door handles are usually installed inside and outside and you can choose standard door handles, handles with ornate decoration, or even door knobs with original design.


Bi-folding patio doors handles – ideas with modern design


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Bi-folding patio doors handles combine the opening and sliding function or the pull/push type of opening. The variety of styles and designs is really wide and you can choose the door handles at the moment of purchase of the doors themselves.


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