Velux balcony – modern innovative ideas to enjoy sun and fresh air

Window balcony Velux cabrio balcony slope roof ideas

Only a few years ago it was a real fantasy to dream of a window that turns into a balcony.

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Could you believe that it will only take a moment to convert a window to a balcony? It is quite possible, actually with modern, innovative technology.

velux balcony innovative rooftop balcony ideas Cabrio balcony

The unique Velux balcony, a product of Velux company, is the perfect solution and provides the opportunity to have both – a window and a balcony without major upgrade of your home.

Velux balcony – how does it work?

velux cabrio balcony loft design ideas skylight balcony

Velux balcony is installed on the roof as any other skylight, but when you open it turns into a balcony.

Velux balcony CABRIO single unit loft apartment ideas slope roof

It is designed for roofs with a slope of 35 – 53 degrees. Your attic bedroom or living room can have a charming balcony and the unique balcony solution provides more light and space, fresh air and amazing views!

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The construction of the window balcony consists of two elements. The upper part opens on an upper axis up to 45 degrees.

velux balcony rooftop balcony ideas modern roof windows

The lower part is pushed forward and the railings open automatically. The upper part has a vent hole equipped with a cleaning filter.

slope roof window balcony velux cabrio

It allows the room to be aired and ventilated at any time.

Balcony Velux cabrio roof balcony ideas

With a Velux balcony you have a real balcony on the attic without additional structure to support it.

Balcony Velux cabrio modern home slope roof window balcony

It is easy to operate and you can have a window or a balcony in an instant.

Velux balcony – innovative balcony design

velux balcony modern home ideas balcony window design

Velux balcony can be installed in combination with other windows. You could add awnings and interior blinds, shutters, Venetian blinds, etc.

Balcony window attic bedroom ideas attic balcony

A Velux balcony will blend perfectly with modern and traditional interiors. The lacquered natural pine finish adds the warm appearance of wood to your interior.

Velux balcony system CABRIO window balcony innovative design

If you are a fan of contemporary interiors the white painted finish is your ideal choice.


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