Balcony railing ideas – how to choose the materials and design?

exquisite wrought iron balcony railing decorative ornaments

Whether you just build a new home or renovate your old balcony, you can make the balcony safer and more modern by simply replacing the railings.

small balcony railing ideas French balcony small balcony garden

They is a huge variety of materials and designs ranging from decorative railings, minimalist style railings, etc. We have collected some balcony railing ideas for you that could offer you some inspiration on the topic.

Balcony railing ideas from wood

balcony railings ideas wood railing rustic patio outdoor fireplace

If you are looking for a cost effective, rustic or modern twist, then a balcony railing made of wood would be the perfect choice for you.

white wood balcony railings porch swing sea view

If the railing is painted in white, it will give the facade a striking modern look. You can also try another color that complements the color of the facade. In order to maintain the modern style, choose railings with clean lines and a strong geometric.

balcony railings ideas wood wire design balcony railing materials

Wooden railing needs to be maintained and repainted and sealed every few years. It looks beautiful in combination with stainless steel and there are many balcony railing ideas which will inspire you to combine wood with other materials.

Balcony railings ideas – glass railings

balcony railings ideas stainless steel glass small sitting area sea view

If you want something ultra-modern, a glass balcony railing might be exactly what you’re looking for. Glass is often combined with metal elements for a very modern look.

balcony furniture coffee table glass metal railings modern balcony design

Glass plates are the best option if you wished to enjoy a gorgeous view. If you have small children, you pay extra for safety glass in order to prevent accidents.

Balcony railing made of metal

stylish semi circle balcony railing wrought iron floral pattern

 From simple to complicated, metal railings are very robust and easy to maintain.

white aluminum round frosted glass panels modern balcony railings

Made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and wrought iron, balcony railings ideas range from simple rods for modern buildings to decorative balcony slabs with geometric forms to laser-cut ones.

elegant balcony railings wrought iron ornaments modern house

 For a unique look, combine metal railing with wooden or glass panels.

wrought iron balcony railings mediterranean style house

rooftop balcony brick railings wooden deck outdoor furniture

classic wrought iron balcony design small balcony railings ideas

balcony railings wrought iron Tuscan style patio design

balcony railings ideas design light bars contemporary balcony ideas

Balcony railing ideas wood railing built in bench with cushion

balcony railing ideas wooden railing branches decorative pattern



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