Minimalist Outdoor Design and Furniture

Posted on 27/04/2012 Author: . Under: Exterior Design

 Outdoor space with minimalist design and furniture

There’s just something about the outdoors. Humans have perpetually turned to nature for peace of mind, health and adventure. Reminding ourselves of the bigger picture can be grounding – giving us perspective and a sense of calm. When it comes to our homes, many of us try to recreate this effect indoors through feng shui and minimalism. But why don’t you try marrying the two together and take minimalism into your garden?

Sometimes, our gardens are treated as a dumping ground for paddling pools, trampolines, forgotten wellies and watering cans. Yet, we often see our gardens as a place to be calm, concentrated and cogitative. There are many ways to transform your garden into a tranquil and calm escape from modern-day life – minimalism isn’t just effective indoors.

 Garden shed

Garden shed design

The first step to a Zen-like garden is to plonk a shed in the corner. This is the perfect place for garden tools and anything else that has been discarded amongst the grass, and it will leave clean, empty space for you to feast your eyes on.

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