73 garden fence ideas for protecting your privacy in the yard

modern house pool concrete and glass garden fence

If you are worried that passersby can see into the house from the side walk, then you can look at the patio privacy fence ideas. The shutters would be a good solution, but that may disturb the view of the beautifully landscaped garden. A garden fence is, instead, the way to solve the problem with noise and keeping your privacy. We have collected 73 garden fence ideas that can help you come to a decision on material and design.

Garden fence ideas from different materials

modern house bricks garden wall concrete lighting gravel

We often think that a garden wall may constrict the yard, but with the right design, this can be prevented. The height of the wall can vary, different materials are combined with beautiful greenery. The fence should also be in compliance with the house style. The glass elements are timeless and modern, the elegant traditional wood and concrete creates a feeling of security and stability. The bamboo fence fits perfectly with the Japanese-style garden. High trees, low shrubs and climbing plants are another element that can also act as decoration. There are many creative garden fence ideas which add to the beauty of the house.

Attractive and creative garden fence ideas

contemporary exterior design front yard privacy garden fence ideas

The attractive fence is a dream for every garden. A fence of metal offers timeless elegance with its ornate ornaments and distinctive individuality. The fence serves as a restriction of land and privacy at the same time. Looking at the gallery of garden fences ideas you will find various designs, sizes and coatings which are a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.

backyard privacy garden fence wood trees grill area

Garden fence ideas should be harmonious with the house architecture

wooden garden fence ideas dining area bench privacy fence idea

Glass railing allows spectacular views


 Natural stone and wood are a classic combination

front yard privacy garden fence ideas wood stone stairs low plants

Stylish wooden fence for the back yard 

privacy garden fence ideas modern patio furniture design

A twisting garden fence and outdoor lighting

front yard garden fence ideas wood stone slabs path gravel

natural stone garden wall wooden path gravel

modern residence landscape decorative garden fence

modern privacy garden fence ideas wooden

modern landscape garden fence ideas wave shape

modern landscape concrete and wood garden fence

modern house pond inside bridge plates

modern house landscape front yard privacy garden fence wood stone

modern house exterior garden front yard fencing concrete metal

modern house wooden garden fence concrete stairs

modern house exterior design privacy garden fence wood stone slabs floor

modern house exterior design ideas wood concrete garden fence garage

minimalist house concrete garden walls stairs

Japanese style bamboo front yard garden fence ideas

contemporary exterior design modern house wood garden fence wall

industrial landscape design garden fence ideas privacy protection iron

house facade stone wall iron elements

modern garden landscape privacy fence ideas wood bamboo plants

house exterior design traditional style garden fence wood stone

home garden fence ideas decorative brown metal

 privacy garden fence wooden door low plants

traditional landscape design wooden garden fence

garden wall privacy fence slate stone house fountain pond lily

garden wall concrete terrace outdoor furniture

garden privacy fence ideas front yard plates decorative grass

garden fence ideas wood slats privacy fence gravel stone floor

garden fence ideas wooden door metal home front yard privacy fence

garden fence ideas wooden deck privacy fence rocking cradle

privacy garden fence ideas wood gravel walkway iron

garden fence ideas privacy protection sliding doors

garden fence ideas privacy protection fence fireplace green grass

garden fence ideas privacy protection bamboo sticks Japanese style

garden fence ideas pool garden wall iron grid panels

garden fence ideas front yard succulent iron low wall

garden fence ideas concrete wood combination privacy fence front yard

front yard garden fence ideas wood bushes

privacy garden fence wood steel elements vertical garden wall

privacy garden fence wooden pergola low plants

modern house palm tree garage door and white garden fence

front yard privacy garden fence metal wall stone slabs

front yard privacy garden fence ideas wood shrubs

front yard privacy fence ideas garden walkway stone slabs gravel plants

front yard garden wall slate stone mosaics privacy protection

front yard garden wall of stone square patchwork

front yard garden privacy fence wall concrete hedges pool

front yard garden privacy fence ideas bushes front door

front yard garden fence stone wall palm tree

front yard garden fence ideas wooden wall

front yard garden fence ideas wood concrete

creative landscape ideas stone garden fence

contemporary house stone facade concrete garden fence

contemporary house concrete and metal garden fence

contemporary garden landscape stone wall waveform

balcony wall tree pot large format floor tiles big pot in the corner

asian style front yard privacy garden fence ideas bamboo small pond

 small patio ideas privacy garden fence outdoor chairs

Privacy garden fence contemporary backyard container plants decorative pillows

privacy fence ideas patio design garden decor ideas

privacy fence garden design ideas outdoor furniture

garden fence ideas patio decor patio deck garden furniture

garden fence ideas contemporary patio design outdoor furniture

garden design garden fence ideas patio deck flooring ideas

Contemporary patio privacy fence ideas modern outdoor kitchen

cedar pergola patio screening ideas garden fence ideas

garden fence ideas privacy fence small patio ideas outdoor furniture


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