28 creative landscape ideas – Japanese style garden design

Stylish Japanese garden assymetric stones path gravel bamboo fence panels

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Asian design and especially Japanese style garden designs have this incredibly soothing effect on everyone of us. Maybe it comes from the philosophical influence of these areas or may be a combination of the Japanese way of life and their connection with nature. The aesthetic vision and the serene atmosphere of a Japanese garden would be a wonderful gift for all modern homes.

Japanese style garden design – a feeling of aesthetic pleasure

stunning Japanese garden minimalist design zen atmosphere

The Japanese style garden design reflects a different philosophy and understanding of the world, a deep connection with nature and a very different lifestyle. For the last century, Western Europe owes to the Japanese culture and the Japanese style so much. Here we offer some inspiring ideas for compact and beautiful Japanese gardens. Each proposal is characterized by unique elements with unique importance. These gardens are miniature versions of large and wide landscapes that offer pleasing views of nature. The landscape design in Japanese style is based on balance, harmony and natural beauty.

The importance of elements in the Japanese style garden design

creative Japanese style garden design stone water budha statue main elements

When creating a Japanese style garden design, the whole interior acquires a new meaning – you create an environment of charming elegance where you can take your time for thought. An important element of any garden in the Japanese style is water. Silent ponds or flowing streams – this is your choice! Sand would be another element. Rocks arise as other main feature in the Japanese style garden. Their importance depends on the composition and placement. Stone lanterns, garden bridges – all elements contribute to the perfect landscape.


Japanese style garden design bamboo fence panels water element

The waterfall is a beautiful element in the garden

stones waterfall perfect elements japanese style garden design

 Balanced and harmonious garden design

small garden japanese style elements bridge stonel gravel paths

 A beautiful arrangement of rocks and sand

stylish Japanese style garden design rock grass centerpiece sand

Traditional style Japanese garden design

perfect Japanese style garden stone path balance of elements

The pond and the stone lantern create a peaceful atmosphere

Peaceful Japanese garden gold fish pond stone lantern

 Minimalist design Japanese garden

minimalist japanese garden design rock red maple

  Beautiful small bridge and stones

Japanese style garden design bridge stones trees

  A rock and miniature pond are the focal point

Japanese garden style garden stone centerpiece gravel wooden fence

 Elegant small garden with rocks and gravel

Japanese garden Shoji screens arrangement of stones

 Aesthetic combination of elements

Japanese style garden design natural elements stone bench

Japanese garden design ideas arrangement stones sand

Japanese garden design idea rocks sand path

Japanese garden design gravel stones arrangemet

garden japanese style pond waterfalls stones elements

Garden design ideas asian style pond stone grass pergola

garden design asian style entrance stone path

fantastic Japanese maple colorful garden accent to green plants

exquisite Japanese style garden design zen atmosphere modern home

elegant Japanese garden design natural stone path stairs temple

beautiful garden design variety of plants asian accent backyard

bamboo garden fence panels beautiful stylish garden design

balance and style Japanese style garden design aesthetic vision

stylish archway in Japanese garden design

wooden deck peaceful Japanese style garden water element

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