Building a shed dormer -house addition ideas for extra living space

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A shed dormer is a creative way to increase the available living space. It looks like a shed placed on the roof and that is where the name comes from. Having a shed dormer adds visual height to the house, offers more usable interior space and in addition adds a lot of natural light to the attic area.

Shed dormer types and design ideas

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Building a shed dormer requires some careful planning and skills in construction, which means it is not an easy DIY project which you can complete in a weekend. With wrong planning the dormer may be over sized and will look like an awkward large patch, overwhelming the main roof. Scale and proportion are especially important so that the final result is pleasing to the eye and complements the house exterior while providing additional living space. The popularity of shed dormers among homeowners is understandable as in addition to the increased living space, the investment adds value to the property both visual and financial.


Planning a shed dormer – useful tips and guidelines


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It is essential to do a thorough inspection of the construction, the rafters and the support of the roof. Careful measures will determine the size of your shed dormer. Make sure that you do not ruin the joist structure of the house frame. Depending on the main house frame you can build a dormer all the way along the roof line and its frame will be sitting on the main house frame.

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However, this is one of the most common mistakes in the design of shed dormers – to make it as big as possible. The result is a competition between the gable and the house roof and you may not be pleased with the final look of your house addition. The roof pitch is another important feature that you need to consider. It is recommended to hire an architect as they are well acquainted with the regulations, proportions and structural opportunities. The windows of your shed dormer are another important element. They will provide light and will add to the overall exterior design.


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