Water illusion in a contemporary minimalistic architecture


The linear arrangement architecture by SAOTA

Presence of water in the contemporary architecture nowadays is a very favorite theme for the minimalistic architects and designers. The water makes a feeling of purity and cleanness and the view is elegant and beautiful, so noticing it, the dream of living here becomes your most substantial goal in life. This incredible residential house will bring you back to life if you are stuck into the daily routines or into some kind of miserable you keep in your heart. That is why the construction of this contemporary minimalistic building is mostly recommended to be used for a holiday place, where people can have some rest and relaxation.

Transparent living spaces design


Transparent living spaces design by SAOTA

Nevertheless, the house could be a dream come truth if you live in such a palace. The water presence, in particular, the illusion of the presence of water calms down the atmosphere turning the whole environment into some peaceful and beautiful enigma. Talking about the construction of this wonderful house, we must admit that architects and builders did not have too much work here. The main bases are thin and delicate wooden planes. The roof is, too, elegant and presents the finest workmanship. The building is divided into ten zones that are all rest places for people in need for that.

Residential house in South Africa


Residential house in South Africa

As a matter of fact interior and exterior designers have done the whole job about this spending residential house. The exterior is decorated with exotic palms and plants. River rocks and eccentric furniture are finishing the whole idea of perfection outside the building. The illumination creates and illusion, as well – bringing the shine of gold and wealth. The interior design inside the rooms of the house reminds us of minimalism, luxury and comfortableness that we can only dream about.

Contemporary dining area interior


Contemporary light dining area interior

Colors are light and simple, the furniture is not here to attract your attention or to impress you. On the contrary – it is like they just blink at you and welcome you into the fairytale of harmony, love and soul peace. The luxurious idea here is interpreted with the idea of coziness and tranquility. Entering this residence, you enter the heaven.
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Minimalist living area


Minimalist living area interior design

Minimalist bedroom


Minimalist bedroom

Elegant bathroom design


Elegant bathroom design

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