Top 10 Most Bizarre Architectures


Dar Al Hajar Rock House in Yemen

Today, the buildings are not just shelters. They are works of art. In this article you will see some of the most amazing, bizarre, weird looking buildings in the world.

They are inspirational, genius masterpieces that attract millions of tourists every year. They are authentic, original, modern and so much more.
10. Dar Al Hajar in Yemen:  This place was constructed by the ruler Imam Yahya. It was built in 1930s made of the rock formation.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre


Manchester Civil Justice Centre England

9. Manchester Civil Justice Centre in England: This building is designed by the Australian architect Denton Corker Marshall. Rumor has it that soon it will have a sister near Birmingham.

Th Stone House Portugal

8. The Stone House in Portugal: This amazing residence is actually a private home. However that doesn’t make it a lesser attraction. This house is entirely carved out of stone…

Beijing National Stadium in China


Beijing National Stadium in China

7. Beijing National Stadium in China: This is the stadium used for the 2008 Olympics. Even though some may think it is a weird-looking crown, it’s actually made to resemble a bird’s nest.

Kansas City Public Library


Kansas City Public Library

6. Kansas City Public Library: This one is just amazing. A Public Library building made of books… Book lovers probably don’t even come out of there. This astonishing architecture was established in 1873 but later on it included these remarkable book walls. They feature some book tittles suggested to the readers. Some of them are “Lord of the rings”, “Catch 22”, “Huckleberry Finn” and others.

Crooked House in Himley


Crooked House in Himley

5. The Crooked House in Himley, England: This crooked House is 15 degrees off angle. Actually it was meant to be like this. Once it was a normal house, however due to some coal removal during the mining period it kind of sunk and tilted like this on one side.

Upside-down House in Szymbark


Upside-down House in Szymbark

4. Upside-down House in Szymbark, Poland: How more upside-down can it get? People actually feel sea sick after they come out of this tourist attraction house. It was built by a polish businessman as a statement against communism.

Habitat 67 in Canada


Habitat 67 in Canada

3. Habitat 67 in Canada: This multi-cubed residential area in Montreal Canada is just amazing. It is designed by Moshe Safdie. It’s very ironic, because these flats were designed with the idea to be affordable for everyone. Bus the fame of the architecture grew, so did the price of each accommodation…

The Winchester Mystery House


The Winchester Mystery House California

2. The Winchester Mystery House in California:
This one looks like a fairytale house doesn’t it? Well it’s a little bit more than that. Actually this amazing, huge mansion has 160 rooms, two ballrooms. But what is mostly odd about it is that it has secret passages, staircases and doors that lead to – nowhere! It is the former residence of Sarah Winchester – her mystery house.

Atomium Brussels


Atomium Brussels

1.Atomium in Brussels:
This is the N1 most Bizarre architecture in this list. The Atomium was built in 1958. It is designed by Andre Waterkeyn and it is 102 m. tall. This odd looking shape is actually the unit cell of an iron crystal only magnified a hundred billion times…

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