Top 10 City Skylines in the world

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Top 10 City Skylines in the world

In this article you will see the most amazing city skylines in the world. The Top 10 chart is to give you an idea of a classification of the best city skylines. That way you can appreciate the most beautiful urban views of the most beautiful and fascinating architecture structures and busy economic world capitals where millions of people live and work.
10 Seattle, USA: Seattle is also known as Emerald City. It is famous with its Space Needle Observation Tower, which you can see right in the middle of this picture. The city is a major port for European and Pacific trade.

Shenzhen in China

9 Shenzhen, China: There are six million people living in Shenzhen today. You can see that it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and it is continuing to grow. What’s interesting about it is that in 1970 it was a small fishing village. It’s incredible, how much has changed for 40 years!

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia


8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: There are about 2 million people living in Kuala Lumpur today. This city probably has one of the most remarkable skylines in the world. You can see that the buildings are not very close together, but they are very unique and modern and because they are not so close, they are able to stand out, creating this beautiful view.

Toronto in Canada


7 Toronto, Canada: Toronto is famous with its CN Tower. This structure is called the tallest free-standing building in North America. Actually in Toronto there are a couple of buildings over 200 meters and the CN Tower itself is a 553-meter-structure.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Japan

6 Tokyo, Japan: Look at this amazing, glowing skyline. It’s famous with its Tokyo Tower, which, changes color every night. Tokyo is the most populated city in the world. It’s filled with unique neon lights, tall buildings and you can see that every bit of the city has its own skyline. Tokyo is a city that never sleeps; it’s one of the liveliest places on the planet.



Singapore Singapore

5 Singapore, Singapore: This is one of the most incredible cities in the South-Eastern world. There are high buildings, but not too high, and there is a lot of greenery between them. Singapore is a role model for modern, metropolitan city architecture.

Shanghai in China


Shanghai in China

4 Shanghai, China: Shanghai is the biggest city in China. With its modern buildings, 28 of which are over 200 meters tall, it has become one of the most incredible skylines in the world. It is one of the capitals of modern architecture. The most popular building in Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower (468m).

New York City in USA


New York City in USA

3 New York City, USA: It’s easy to recognize the New York City skyline. We’ve seen it many times in the Hollywood movies. There are 48 buildings that are above 200 meters tall. New York City is the fashion and financial capital of the Western World.

Chicago in USA

Chicago in USA

Chicago in USA

2. Chicago, USA: The first steel high-rise building was built in Chicago in 1885. Even though it was not the tallest building in the world, it set an example that spread around the world and contributed to today’ s skyline in almost every city in the world. Today there are over 20 buildings in Chicago that are above 200 meters. Just like New York City, Chicago’s skyline is very recognizable thanks to the Hollywood movies.

Hong Kong in China


Hong Kong in China

1 Hong Kong, China: There is our winner – Hong Kong, China. This city has the most amazing skyline in the world. There are 43 buildings above 200 meters. About 30 of them are built in the 21-st century. Hong Kong also houses 4 of the 17 tallest buildings in the world.

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