Solar Passive house design – almost perpetual motion

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Contemporary Solar Passive house design

Requirements for environmentally friendly way of life and continued rise in fuel prices are forcing people to turn their attention to building solar passive house designs with new technologies and alternative energy sources. Everyone wants to not pay heating bills in winter and cooling in summer. This is the reason for growing interest in passive houses. A passive house protected by RAC Home Insurance is almost perpetual motion. She herself is heated and cooled without active heating and cooling systems. According to the requirements of specialists total energy consumption in passive house must be less than 15 kWh/m2 year.

Solar Passive house design

Energy required for heating appliances should not be greater than 200 kWh/m2 /year in the solar passive house.  For comparison the owners of the property without paying electric insulation between 200 and 300 kWh/m2. A passive house can be built of any construction materials, wood, stone, brick and even metal. Most preferred is a wooden structure and external cladding of the same tree. The explanation is that the outer insulation of 30 cm brick wall will make about 50-60 cm. One of the important conditions for a passive house is that it is oriented to the south and uses the energy of the sun. The south facade is glazed with large windows, which often occupy the entire wall.

Solar Passive house design


The joinery is high grade with at least triple glazing one of the lenses is usually low emission, it further keeps the heat in the room. Some experts deny these windows on the ground that the cooling in summer loses a lot of energy. Movable awnings and blinds solve this problem and protect the house from overheating in summer. They are efficient and on cold winter evenings. Construction of passive houses is not suitable north facing slopes. Other prerequisites are compact and very good insulation of at least 30 inches of exterior walls, floor and ceiling.

Solar Passive house design


The windows must also be very well sealed to prevent warm air comes out. The advantages of passive houses are very modern architecture, low energy costs, the optimum temperature in the rooms, which is achieved by the radiated heat of electrical appliances and the human body. The biggest feature of these buildings is always fresh air in the room without having to open windows. This is done with pipes. They entered the house fresh air, previously passed through tubes placed in the ground and warm the soil, it is filtered from the field and aerosols, and contaminated air is pushed out.

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Text by D. Alexsandrova

Solar Passive house design


Solar Passive house design

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