Riverfront home in Melbourne Australia


Contemporary Australian house design on Yarra River front

Australian architects have proven many times that their designs are among the most fabulous ones in the world.

The Australian design style is just outstanding. This house is yet another proof that their talent has surpassed our expectations ones again.

Elegant house interior design


Elegant house interior design in Melbourne Australia

This beautiful house is situated on the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia. As you can see it’s a work of art, created by the talented architects LeetonPointon and Susi Leeton. If you like river homes that you will fall in love with this one. It features a cultivated collection of art, and an exceptional central sculptural staircase, which is the center masterpiece of the home.

Stylish Australia home


Stylish Australia home exterior and interior design

It connects the main floor with the upper level of the house, there is a big outdoor area, which includes a pool and a fireplace. You can see how everything somehow flows into one. Look at the big windows, that somehow become ceilings, everything connects together so naturally, it looks as if it isn’t made by man. This incredible riverfront home has amazing sun-soaked interiors, beautiful, luxurious elements like marble and limestone. Everything is made with style, care and love. This contemporary house design is not only inspirational it is breathtaking.

Contemporary living area interior


Contemporary living area interior

I’ve seen many house designs and architectures that don’t really go together that well. Some of the designs are mostly eclectic; their exterior is somehow disconnected from the interior, or there is always something missing – color, furniture pieces or sometimes they are a bit too much. But this time, I can’t say something like that for this amazing home.

Cozy fireplace in living space


Cozy fireplace in living space

There isn’t a single redundant piece in this house, everything is where it should be, australian architects have taken our breath away once again- exceptional style, and amazing chic, contemporary design that screams Luxury. I had no doubt that this house would be awarded and actually it was awarded for Interior Architecture at the 2009 Victorian Chapter.

Elegant dining area interior architecture


Elegant dining area interior architecture

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