Polish Plastic House by Moomoo Architects

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Polish Plastic House by Moomoo Architects

Moomoo Architects have created a house that is both modern and preserves the traditions of the country. Set in Łódź, Poland, this interesting home is designed like a traditional Polish house, but very unusually covered from top to bottom in a plastic insulation material called Thermopian. The material of the façade (Thermopian) is favored for its good isolating qualities and acoustics and is also a various material because it can be colored in any color. It is mainly used in roof cladding but as Moomoo Architects prove it can have a much wider use.

L house plastic facade exterior


L house plastic facade exterior by Moomoo architects

The overall look of the house looks a bit raw, the dark-colored plastic facade creates the feeling that this is not a home but a different type of building. The windows are only a few and rather small for a contemporary home and the shape is also different than that of a typical modern house. But this is the great thing about contemporary architecture – it can take all shapes and it accepts different innovative ideas. That is just what this home is – a unique idea of a modern house design.

L house contemporary architecture design


The house is built according to the local law that requires the building to be built in line with the plot border. Thus this modern home has a simple rectangular-shaped plan with only one unusual addition to it – a wall that stretches from one of the facades under an acute angle and makes this design stranger.

Kitchen and living space interior


L house kitchen and living space interior

The floor plans of the house show two different levels, the first level consists of an entrance hall and a corridor that leads to the combined kitchen, living and dining area that opens to a wooden terrace. An interior staircase ascends to the second floor that shelters two bedrooms with a large common bathroom. This level covers only partly the lower one, an area over the corridor and the living room space is left open as an air-space.
By K.H.Hristova

Minimalist L house exterior design


Minimalist L house exterior design

Plastic facade modern house design


Plastic facade modern house design



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