Polish Plastic House by Moomoo Architects

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Polish Plastic House by Moomoo Architects


Polish Plastic House by Moomoo Architects

Moomoo Architects have created a house that is both modern and preserves the traditions of the country. Set in Łódź, Poland, this interesting home is designed like a traditional Polish house, but very unusually covered from top to bottom in a plastic insulation material called Thermopian. The material of the façade (Thermopian) is favored for its good isolating qualities and acoustics and is also a various material because it can be colored in any color. It is mainly used in roof cladding but as Moomoo Architects prove it can have a much wider use.

L house plastic facade exterior


L house plastic facade exterior by Moomoo architects

The overall look of the house looks a bit raw, the dark-colored plastic facade creates the feeling that this is not a home but a different type of building. The windows are only a few and rather small for a contemporary home and the shape is also different than that of a typical modern house. But this is the great thing about contemporary architecture – it can take all shapes and it accepts different innovative ideas. That is just what this home is – a unique idea of a modern house design.

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