Paola Lenti And Bestetti Associati Created The Sculptural CABANNE

Posted on 09/12/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture

Paola Lenti And Bestetti Associati Created The Sculptural CABANNE


Paola Lenti and Bestetti Associati created the Sculptural Cabanne

How about living with your own piece of Interactive Contemporary Sculpture, because this is what has been created here. Styled by Paola Lenti and Bestetti Associati, the Cabanne becomes the ultra modern solution to a luxurious garden seating or lounging area, it is absolutely stunning. In this example, the deck space is simple but sumptuous in soft furnishings. The softened forms and textures of the loungers and seats become part of the sculptural theme as a whole.

Interactive contemporary sculpture


Interactive contemporary sculpture lit by candle light

Lit by candle light the ambient lighting and seductive shadows add unity to the separate elements of this intriguing ‘garden room’. Even though it is outdoors and therefore exposed, this area feels remarkably intimate by night. It is an ideal place for relaxing, socializing and maybe having a romantic informal meal. In the daytime the terrace is light and airy but the Cabanne provides welcome shelter when the sun is too hot, the covered areas are formed using a slatted technique so you can still enjoy views to the outside even when inside.

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