Nightingale House by Marc Canadell

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Nightingale House by Marc Canadell


Nightingale House by Marc Canadell

There are two words that describe this home best: oversize and luxury. This stunning modern design by Marc Canadell is located high above the famous Sunset Strip and overlooks West Hollywood. On the impressive area of 2743 m² the so-called Nightingale house shelters a huge living area, five bedrooms, and eight baths, everything soaked in Hollywood glam from top to bottom.

Nightingale house exterior design

Outdoor space: The property sits on top of a highly isolated hill area and provides an acre of privacy among virgin nature. This situation inspires the designer to turn the place into a true paradise of the rich. He treats the outdoor and indoor spaces as equally important. The house provides a lot of recreational open decks combined with comfy furniture, fireplaces and swimming pool areas. Part of the outdoors is treated as garden space and covered with grass, some palm trees and low-rise vegetation.

Nightingale house

Overall Image: The Nightingale house is built in two floor levels. Its exterior is painted white and so are most of the interior walls and ceilings. This neutral image of the shell creates a perfect atmosphere for using vivid modern design pieces and lush decoration. The rooms are generously open to the natural scenery outside and they feel connected to the surrounding nature and outdoor areas.

Luxury living room


Luxury living room interior design

Interior: The house’s incredibly large size allows differentiating spacious indoor areas. All of that space is beautifully designed in the slightest of details. The interior of the home is treated so that every single room has its own unique atmosphere. The living room area provides a large clean space with dark flooring that makes the white furniture stand out.

Luxury long plan kitchen design


The kitchen and dining area also have dark flooring and mixture of black and white furniture. The bedrooms have mostly dark shades. There is a common bond between all of these spaces – it is their shiny ultra modern design which creates the feeling of luxury and rich aesthetics.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Stylish dining area design


Luxury bedroom interior


Luxury bedroom interior

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