House Architecture – Houses of wood

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Modern House Architecture – Houses of wood


Wood adn Stone – House  Architecture

Wood has always been the preferred material for construction of houses and in the contemporary House Architecture. It radiates warmth and comfort and creates a unique atmosphere. Since ancient times people have had their homes with materials from nature. In various parts of the world meet architectural masterpieces of wood, made several centuries ago. Building traditions of the old masters were brought to modern life. Many companies specialize in building houses of wood. They offer ready or develop new projects according to customer requirements. Buildings are suitable for land in the mountains or the sea, but are no exception and in cities. The houses of wood fit very well in nature and are suitable for any decor. They are lighter than traditional technology built in with bricks. This quality makes them indispensable in areas with landslides.

Wooden House architecture design


Wooden House Architecture design

The market offers two main technologies to build a house of wood. One option is the building is made of massive logs and is a “Finnish house“. The most commonly used pine and cedar. It is known that the natural material has excellent dielectric properties and equalizes the temperature and humidity of air in the rooms. Wood absorbs moisture and need it back naturally. In the house of the array is cool in summer, winter is cozy and warm. These properties help people save energy for heating and cooling. Furthermore, the tree accumulates solar energy during the autumn and spring.

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