Modern Architecture climbs a Mountain top


Mountain home modern architecture design

This house is like nothing you’ve seen before. If you want some fresh, new ideas about innovation and futuristic house design this is the perfect article for you.

 Take a look at this mountain top, chic, futuristic home… It has breathtaking views not only on the outside but also on the inside. It’s a mixture of cool aesthetics, functional, innovative incorporated features, practicality and style all in one.

Open plan hardwood dining area


Open plan hardwood dining area design

It is situated on the hillside atop Mt. Merino with views towards the Hudson riverfront and the Catskill Mountains, its living area measures up to about 2,200 sq. ft., which is not much but it looks very expanding on the inside. This beautiful house is created by the talented New York-based architect Joe Sanders. The amazing timber walls, surrounded by an interior courtyard garden make a nice connection with the outdoors.

House design by architect Joe Sanders


Stylish house design by architect Joe Sanders

The big windows offer breathtaking views towards the hillside and allow the house to have a natural glow of sunlight in the living area. On the inside there is a pathway that leads to many indoor and outdoor rooms that include a loft-style dining area, a pool and a wood-clad den. The rooftop of the house is modern and has a very elegant, unique design that makes the house modern, but it also has a very practical use of it.

Contemporary house with extravagant rooftop


Contemporary house with extravagant rooftop

Its shape makes the house extra-resistant to the rough weather in the mountains and keeps the residents safe on the inside, this amazing house is perfectly suitable for a vacation or just spending some time away from the city’s business. Today’s fast-paced world needs paradises like this house to give us the rest we need. It is too bad that Joe Sanders may be a bit far from some of you, but his creative architectural ideas are spreading out and soon Modern architecture will climb on other Mountain tops.

Long plan kitchen-dining area interior


Long plan kitchen-dining area interior

Modern architecture climbs a mountain top


Modern architecture climbs a mountain top

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