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 The Globally Influential Architecture and Designs of JDS

JDS Architects was Founded by Julien De Smedt of Belgium

 Influential Architecture JDS Architects

The young and vibrant architectural firm known as JDS was founded by Julien De Smedt, originally from Belgium.  This is an exciting company with an ambitious global agenda.

   Taking a multidisciplinary approach, their designers are working on projects that range from corporate, governmental and private contracts.  JDS are producing exceptional designs which can be regarded as globally influential architecture.  These vary in style and are adapted to suit individual locations, climates and functions.  The variety of ventures reflect the ideas of a lively design team who is aware of changing trends in lifestyle and technical developments.  One thing that all JDS projects share is an acute awareness of building for the future and incorporating environmentally sustainable technologies into every new structure.  Scale does not alter this socially aware and responsible attitude.

 Influential Architecture JDS Architects - offices

JDS designers are able to turn their innumerable skills and multiple areas of expertise to dramatic contemporary architectural projects as well as smaller scale furniture commissions.

The design office states that every project,

 “… regardless of scale, outlines an approach that is affirmatively social in its outcome, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its process.”

Team Skills Ensure Innovation in Influential Architecture and Design Projects.

The combined skills and experiences of the team at JDS architects ensure that this influential firm always has the capability to adopt a fresh approach to dealing with each new design challenge. Their methodology aims at transforming in depth research and analysis of practical and theoretical issues into the forces that drive their designs. By continuously developing rigorous methods of investigation and execution, JDS architects are able to work innovatively but also efficiently to produce inspirational and influential architecture.

 Influential Architecture JDS Architects - Modern Building

The refreshing and sensitive approach of this experienced design team can be seen in numerous global locations.  The projects illustrated here demonstrate the realization of some of the best and most important developments within the private residential sector as well as commercial and civic ventures

To ensure the continued quality of their work JDS only accept limited commissions at any one time.  This way every new assignment is given the full attention it deserves and each client is fully involved in all stages of the design process.  This not only ensures that the highest standards are achieved but that each new commission is totally unique.

These impressive examples from JDS’ portfolio show how the firm is producing influential architecture and design around the globe and in every sector of society.

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 Influential Architecture JDS Architects - Modern design Building



New architecture JDS Architecture

 Influential Architecture JDS Architects - Modern design  architecture

 Influential Architecture JDS Architects - Modern design


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