House 53 by Architect Marcio Kogan


House 53 by Architect Marcio Kogan

There is an example of a true modern and innovative architecture that combines aesthetics and functionality.

This beautiful house by architect Marcio Kogan from studio MK27 is located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a three level cubic volume with its two lower levels surrounded with a wooden screen that can be folded to isolate the living spaces.

House 53 architecture design


House 53 architecture design by Marcio Kogan

The plot is rather small and according to the city building law the buildings in the neighborhood have to be up to two stories high when situated upon the site’s outer limits. Exceptions are allowed only when certain setbacks from the limits are respected. And by following this rule the architect manages to design a three-story home with an underground basement.

Stylish kitchen interior

The ground floor consists of a kitchen and a long combined living and dining area. There are two entrances to the living area, located on the north-east and south-west facades. The area is enclosed by huge glass sliding doors that spread from floor to ceiling and throughout the whole length of the walls. They let daylight penetrate inside the long room from both sides. A thick wall separates the living area from the long kitchen that is reachable through a small corridor.

Contemporary bedroom interior


Contemporary bedroom interior

There are a small open storage space and a bathroom next to it. The kitchen itself is illuminated through long windows, located between the board and the cabinets. It opens to a small space that can be used as a laundry room and storage and also provides stairway access to the basement. The staircase to the second floor is placed amid the living area. It has a very light and stylish design created by treating each step as a separate element that is restraint to the wall.

Floating in the air stairs design


Floating in the air stairs design

Thus the stairs look as though they are floating in the air. The second level has a huge master bedroom with entrance hall and master bath and two smaller bedrooms with individual bathrooms. Each room opens to a large terrace that spreads around the building. The interior design in House 53 is minimal and quite colorful. The ceilings are left white while the rest of the elements are treated with wood. It is a clean modern combination of wood, glass and white plaster.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Combined living and dining area


Combined living and dining area

Natural wood corridor


Natural wood corridor interior design

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