Hollywood Dream House by Angelo Cassiello


Hollywood dream house by Angelo Cassiello

This fantastic California home can easily enchant every single one of us.

Situated on the west hills above Hollywood it has a stunning elegant look and can provide you everything you could ask for. From beautiful urban and natural scenery to luxurious picturesque interior and totally relaxing outdoor spaces, this classy modern house really does have it all. Outdoor space: The property this house stands on is set on a wild hilly natural ground.

Stylish pool lighting


Outdoor areas stylish pool lighting

It is surrounded closely by some deciduous trees and bush vegetation and by the city in the distance, the outdoor areas of the plot itself are divided into two spaces. The first one is the yard in front the building which is treated with large stone tiles and some small green plants. The second part is situated in the back and serves as an outdoor recreation area that includes a swimming pool. Building structure: Angelo Cassiello, the architect behind this home, names his masterpiece Grand View House. He designs the house with a concrete skeleton structure.

Grand View house architecture design

With all the loads carried by columns the façade can be easily treated with glass and light material elements. Thus most of the living spaces are surrounded by glass walls outlined with black columns, timber and white painted surfaces. A variety in shape is achieved by using a lot of visors spread around the facade. The most impressive of them is the one at the front of the house that stretches in quite a long distance and is not supported by any columns outside, it is a bold console visor that thrills with its freely floating body above our heads.

Open plan kitchen design


Open plan kitchen design

Interior: The indoor spaces of this Hollywood home present an ultra modern and luxurious atmosphere. The open plan living area shelters a kitchen and dining room separated by the living room with an outstanding wall treated with delicate stone pieces.

Modern bedroom interior design


Modern bedroom interior design

The rooms have minimal furniture that combines neutral white colors with some orange surfaces and decoration. The combination matches beautifully with the mild tones of the wood used in the ceiling and wall design. This entire vivid picture is completed with the internal glass walls that shed a spectacular amount of daylight from both sides of the house.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Living space interior


Living space interior

Modern bath interior design


Modern bath interior design

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