Crockett Residence by Pb Elemental Architecture

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Crockett Residence by Pb Elemental Architecture

The amazing Crockett residence situated in Seattle, Washington stands on a modest property of just 609 m². Size, however does not matter in the design of this single-family house. The architects manage to compose a small but completely functional and modern home that has enough privacy and is also open to the outdoors.

Crockett Residence

Outdoor space: The small plot supposes a small yard. And yes, it is rather small but also has a lot of charm in it. Located in front of the building a mini-garden separates the main entrance from the green car parking space which also acts as a part of the garden. There is also an open roof-top terrace designed with white flooring and comfy furniture.

Staircase interior


Building structure: The residence is designed for an active family of five. It consists of four levels, including the underground and roof levels. It was important for the clients that all the children have separate rooms. Accordingly, there are three bedrooms sheltered in the main level which are separated by a hallway and use the same bathroom. The entrance from the street is placed on the southern facade and leads into a long hallway that stretches across the whole length of the house and contains a staircase in the middle.

Living room interior


The main living area is situated on the second floor and illuminated from three sides through the glazed facade. It shelters the kitchen, dining room and living room designed as a united open plan space facing south-east. There is also a master bedroom and bath placed in the north-west corner of this level. The roof level is reachable through a separate stairway and consists of the single open terrace.

Stylish interior design living space


Stylish interior design living space

Interior: The interior design of this home is what really makes the place magical. It is a clean contemporary design combined with a lot of artistic and family spirit. The bedrooms have white walls and ceilings that serve as a background for the colorful elements in the furniture and the decoration. The living area also has a very colorful design. Its vivid image is created through the black furniture and window frames that stand out among the white walls, ceiling and floor. There is also a large white bookcase filled with charming colorful books that really open up the place.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Kitchen and dining area interior


Contemporary kitchen and dining area interior

Crockett residence roof-top terrace design


Crockett residence roof-top terrace design

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