Craig Steely’s home plan in San Francisco


Contemporary house plan in San Francisco

Take a look at this beautiful home – it’s another great house designed by the talented Craig Steely. This time it isn’t a design from scratch. It’s actually redesigned for himself and his family. The Beaver Street Reprise in San Francisco, California is an old, two-storey, wood-clad house, which has been reconfigured by Steely for his growing son and painter wife. It is actually the former accommodation for his business. However it needed a complete makeover in order to function as a house

Modern natural wood kitchen design


Modern natural wood kitchen design

The makeover included relocating the kitchen, living room and dining area to the new rooftop level. Some of the new features are the floor-to-ceiling windows that open to an outdoor living space with a sod roof and south-facing outdoor deck, also very chic fireplace. His office still remains in the house but it occupies the lower part of the house. It is completely separated from the other parts of the house so it doesn’t interfere with the living area.

Minimalist living area interior


Stylish minimalist living area interior

When you look at this gorgeous house, you can tell that it’s designed not only by a professional but by an artist. Craig Steely has amazed us with his unique design ideas, but this house is much more different. It’s redesigned for his family, which means that he has put all of his heart into it, in order to make something beautiful and comfortable for his son and wife.The design is modern and artistic; the furniture is minimalistic and makes the interior very expanding.

Home office with minimalist furnishing


Home office with minimalist furnishing

Even though the furniture and interior design is very futuristic, the atmosphere is quite warm and inviting. This beautiful San Francisco home is absolutely a dream come true. Even though it’s only a 2-storey house and its first level is an office, the home is perfectly suitable for a small family of three- four members.

Elegant terrace design


Elegant terrace design by Craig Steely Architect

Contemporary clean interior house design


Contemporary clean interior house design

Wooden house design


Modern wooden external architecture house design



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