Casa EP Nova Lima by Morato Arquitetura


Mountain home in Brazil by Ulisses Morato

This modern home combines effective design and outstanding views.

The casa is located on a hill top in Minas Gerais, Brazil and takes the advantages of being completely private and surrounded by natural beauty and clean mountain air. The magnificent environment of this property inspires architect Ulisses Morato to design this amazing Brazilian home.

Outdoor space infinity pool design


Outdoor space infinity pool design

Outdoor space: The outdoor space is treated with exquisite details. It acts like an extension to the bright living area and stretches in front the house to the very edge of the hill. It consists of an elegant open terrace with softly-colored tiling, a small garden and an infinity pool, the composition matches the hilly terrain in the back beautifully and completes the overall image of the place.

Open living area exterior design

Building structure: The construction of the house is easily noticeable inside and out. Strong high columns painted white carry this structure and also act like a part of the design. An outstanding feature of the exterior is the red wall closing the house from behind. It spreads two floors above and acts like a striking bright accent of the whole place. The building itself consists of three floors that separate the more private from the open living areas.

Living room


Minimal white furniture in living room

The first one is entirely dedicated to the daily comfort, it has a spacious living area enclosed by two glass walls and open to the pool. The minimal white furniture is arranged near a cozy fireplace and not far from it is the stairway that leads to the upper levels. There one can find the private sleeping areas enclosed with white façade walls forming a cubic volume that projects over the ground level terrace and stands on four effectively inclined columns. Above the living room spreads another terrace overlooking the scenery.

Minimalist interior living room


Minimalist interior living room with glass walls

Interior: The interior characterizes with a lot of white elements and minimal furniture. The white is practically used in everything: the walls, ceilings, floors, columns and furniture. And, although this may sound monotonous and boring, it is actually very well integrated in the overall design. Everything looks perfectly clean, simple and very modern without dominating the landscape, it just lets you relax and celebrate nature.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Mountain house exterior design


Contemporary mountain house exterior design

Terrace of mountain house in Brazil


Terrace of mountain house in Brazil

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