Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect


Bridge house exterior design

This unusual house designed by Max Pritchard Architect is situated among wild natural vegetation near Adelaide, Australia. It is a compact modern building that serves as a permanent home and office for a couple. The design is innovative and combines functionality, connection to nature and energy efficiency.

House by Max Pritchard architect


Contemporary house by Max Pritchard architect

The house sits on an interesting property that looks very uncomfortable for building a home. The architects however manage to take the maximum from this place’s natural beauty by a unique design. The whole building sits on a steel bridge construction made from two prefabricated trusses mounted on site. The construction takes all the loads form the house and leads them down to the ground.

Large living area design


Large living area design

The house itself is a small cozy place with a stretched rectangular shape, its single floor shelters a home office, laundry room, large living area and a bedroom with bath. The whole area of the house is only 110 m² but it feels spacious enough for two and offers many other advantages. The view from every side is wild and virgin. Its presence can be seen and felt inside the house through the richly glazed facades.

Minimalist kitchen area


Minimalist kitchen area interior design

Most of the house is open to all the surrounding beauty and it’s no wonder – after all the area is completely private and no neighbors are expected to be seen around. The Bridge House is also very nature friendly thanks to a number of features. It uses energy from the sun through a photovoltaic system and reuses water collected from the roof.

Bridge house with photovoltaic system


Bridge house with photovoltaic system

There are also hot water panels on the roof that provide low cost hot water. The wasted water is pumped away from the creek to avoid its pollution. This home also uses recycled materials like steel and aluminum and other materials that are produced in a sustainable manner. To sum up, the design, openness, recycled materials and energy efficient features turn this house into a unique place which brings home and work environment closer to nature than ever.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Living area interior


Living area interior

Bridge house exterior


Bridge house exterior by Max Pritchard architect

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