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Flip House by Fougeron Architecture of San Francisco, United States


Hlip House - Modernist Architecture by Fougeron Architecture


This lofty home refurbishment is not for the fainthearted when it comes to heights. Just looking at the pictures could bring on an attack of vertigo.

  But it is a very impressive structure with maximum exploitation of massive glass windows introducing a further sense of space and light to  the already open plan layout.

Angular Modernist Architecture Works with Exterior Spaces

Minimalist design and Furniture

The aim of Fougeron Architects was to reorganize this house to make more logical use of the space. In doing so, the angular modernist architecture of Flip House, now enables its occupants to take full advantage of spectacular views across San Francisco and the bay.  The unusual volumes of the newly designed contemporary window spaces enable the home owners to lean right out into space if they feel that way inclined, forgive the pun.

Hlip House by Fougeron Architecture

This redesigned home now has an ultra modern appeal which incorporates generous open plan living areas. These light and spacious interiors are arranged over three stages which are connected by an ‘industrial chic staircase.  The staircase has become the main artery in the house replacing the once erratic disconnected system.  Flip House is entered at street level and guests encounter a streamlined foyer with the staircase rising from this space.  The guest accommodation is the only living area at this level so offers visitors an extra degree of privacy and separateness from the main house.

Glass Reveals Dynamic Structures in Angular Modernist Architecture

Flip House interior design

The angular elements of the architecture are exaggerated through prismatic forms of the windows and also the transparency of the stairwell structure.  The latter has been achieved through the interior use of glass as barriers. Also see through landings have been constructed to enable this dynamic structure to be viewed right from the top of the house to street level.  For the most part the interior of the house has been left unadorned with artworks or other decorative elements.  This ensures that the elegant interior can be enjoyed from a purely sculptural point of view.  Nothing distracts from the complex play of light which reveals dramatic forms and shapes as the natural light shifts and changes in intensity.

Fougeron Architects’ design for Flip house has resulted in an example of angular modernist architecture which provides the perfect contrast to the organic natural forms which surround it.

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Interior design in the Flip House by Fougeron Architecture



Minimalist design and Furniture - Flip House


White Kitchen interior design - Wooden dining table

 White Kitchen design – Dining room, Kitchen and Living room in one living area

Living room - White sofa and modern Rug

 The Living room furniture – White comfortable sofas , red coffee table and modern brown rug

The staircase design


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