Y House by SousaSantos Architects


Modern Y-shaped house

SousaSantos Architects are the designers of this modern white home located in Arelho, Óbidos, Portugal. The site is set on an averagely dipped terrain that doesn’t offer much variety in its flora. It is, however a spacious place where fresh green grass and blue sky meet.
The Y House is interesting for its odd shape floor plan and unusual concept. The idea of the architects is to create the effect of a video camera that moves along the corridor, revealing views from the landscape outside. That is achieved by using curves in the floor plan. The result is a Y-shaped floor plan that consists of two long volumes and one small volume. The long volumes are connected under an obtuse angle and the smaller volume is connected to them by forming two curves at both sides.

Modern design house


Modern design white house

The house has two levels connected with an interior stairway. The lower one is rather small and consists of only one room designed as an office space. The main entrance of the building faces the southwest. To its right is the two car garage. To its left is the entrance to the kitchen that leads to the spacious living area set where the three volumes unite. This is also where the lower level ascends through the stairs. Continuing on to the other long volume there is a corridor that provides entrance to the bedroom areas in the house.



House exterior


House with modern exterior

The façade has the smooth shape and coloring of a true modern building. It is painted in white and has large windows. The windows in the bedrooms are provided with sliding panels that can be used as shutters to completely shut down the sun light. The interior is also dominated by white colors, including the furniture, walls and ceilings. The only exception is the wooden flooring and stairs.

Y-shaped house


Y-shaped house exterior

House porch


Modern house porch with cradle-chair

White facade


House with white facade

Y-house exterior


Y-house exterior

By K.H.Hristova

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