A unique beach house by Ashton Raggatt McDougall

Posted on 02/11/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture


This holiday beach house is designed by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects from Australia. The design of the house has a special symbol. The entire house design is shaped like the letter “K”. That is why it’s also known as the K House. It is built for a family whose name begins with the same letter. The place is very vast and open-space, even though it looks very minimalist on the outside. On the main floor you can see an outdoor living area which can also be covered to suit any type of weather. Next to the living area is a large garage. The ground floor houses a sound-proof home theater, two bedrooms, a bath, a cellar and storage.

Unique beach house red interior


This beach house features a modern kitchen cabinetry and pantry and a very cool massive sliding door and the center piece – a floor –to –ceiling, unique, red K-shaped bookshelf that can store over 5000 books. Quite a number isn’t it?

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