Underground Home Design by Deca Architecture

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Underground Home in Greece



Undergroun house design with pool

This underground house is situated on the top of a hill on Antiparos, in the Cycladic islands, Greece, and designed by Deca Architecture. The studio is an international team of young architects, based in Athens and operating since 2001. For this project they drew inspiration from “Zabriskie Point”, a film by Michelangelo Antonioni, and dubbed the project Krater. OK, but why an underground house? Is it a bomb shelter or something? Absolutely not! The real challenge was to create a living areas protected from the strong winds of the Aegean Sea and to hide these volumes from the settlement at the foot of the hill. The main outside areas of the house were dug into the landscape forming a sunken area protected by the strong winds. The architects created a complementary dialogue between the intervention and the existing condition.

Underground home design with pool

As most of the underground house was dug into the earth just the second storey of the two-storey stone building, placed in front of the North-Eastern summer winds, is visible above ground. The house is clad in stone and stone surfaces also defines borders of the Krater house. On the East, stone angled walls surround the Krater and on the South there is a stone volume with metal structure that supports a bamboo roof.

Underground home on the top of hill

The underground house gets down to earth with natural materials and an innovative approach. Just check the Lava Flow element. It is a path under the infinity-edge lap pool, framing panoramic views, which look like lava overflowing from the Krater. The 25 meter pool becomes deeper and wider as it enters the main courtyard, protected from winds, is separated from living area with large glass sliding doors that blur the boundaries between outside and the interior space. For more information about this very interesting project go to Deca Architecture.

Underground home on the top of hill


Underground home on the top of hill

Outdoor living area

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