The Wonderful Annapolis Studio House


Modern architecture house in Annapolis Maryland

This wonderful Studio house is located in Annapolis, Maryland. Such projects always impress people because they offer a perfect balance between rooms, use for work and those that are designed as recreational spaces. Y. Toshimoto originally designs the ranch style home in the 1970s in this way is the way created a new approach in construction of such residential areas. We really can only admire from this wonderful mix of a comfortable home and a stylish studio, linked together in an incredible way, thanks to a lot of fantasy, creativity and lateral thinking.

Cozy fireplace


Cozy fireplace made of natural stone

All this gives us brand new sensations that arise from the refined atmosphere, which can offer us this unified and harmonious structure. Here the focal point of the interior is without doubt this stone fireplace, which impresses visitors with its form and at the same time – functionality. The beauty of this project is a complemented by the interesting mix of earthy aesthetic design and the lying coldness of the stone, as a material. The open wood ceiling is also in an interesting contrast to the walls, made of stone, but this only reinforces even more charm to the interior.

Studio house with wooden ceilling


Annapolis Studio house with wooden ceilling

Stylish studio by Toshimoto


Stylish studio by Toshimoto

Modern living area


Modern living area with panoramic view

Aesthetic design natural stone


Aesthetic design natural stone

Harmonious house


Harmonious house made of stone and wood

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