The Open Concept Urban House

The Open Concept Urban House


Urban house with modern geometric architecture

This wonderful project in the spirit of the modern geometric architecture is situated in Seattle, Washington.

The Urban House is designed and built with a triangular volume vision / cube-shaped base / and is an outstanding example of great contemporary response to the requirements of modern society. The house definitely offers extensive living space thanks to the possibility of extend through backward base. This is a geometric aesthetic architecture, something new, modern and functional, and something that could satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding of us.

Contemporary cube shaped base house


Contemporary cube shaped  house

Here we can definitely be inspired by some “chic comfort,” holding a modern finishing works and equipment that are as beautiful as they are functional. When we look at the project in more detail, we can see that such a modern house architecture can reveals enough space in its rear, which can be consumed according to the needs of residents. This space can be used either for a wonderful private garden or for outdoor recreational areas – I think you will agree with me that each of these solutions has its charm.

Kitchen and dining area

In addition, here we can also rely on an upper deck accessed by the kitchen – beauty and comfort in one / reference – the 2,510-sq. – ft. kitchen concept /. The natural additions to the surrounding landscape are the hardwood floors and large wood-framed windows. The exceptional beauty of a rooftop patio can also surprise you. The house with open concept plan is ideal in size and in addition, here form and function really are merged into one.

 Modern rooftop terrace


Open plan living area


Stylish open plan living area

Natural wood staircase


Natural wood staircase design

Hardwood flooring


Hardwood flooring with library shelves

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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