The house hearing the sound of nature

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Modern Architecture NOKsSUNGHUN House in Korea


The house hearing the sound of nature

Korea’s IROJE KHM Architects have designed this angular piece of architecture on a hill overlooking GuMiDong, South Korea.  Its name, NOKsSUNGHUN, means ‘The house to think the future of life with hearing the sound of nature’. Not surprisingly, it is perched on a perfect location where owners can enjoy the nature and pleasant sound of the nature and the convenience of the city. The house features a modern outdoor space, flavoring both the exterior and interior environment, and is a true escape from the busy town below – a natural retreat without even leaving the city. It features a central yard – lushly landscaped outdoor entertaining areas – flanked by the main home and its guest house, that comes to a point that drops sharply to the landscape below. The outdoor space between the two volumes and dynamic space of main garden interact through the open framed wall which is a picturesque frame and landscape formative element.

NOKsSUNGHUN House in South Korea


Modern Architecture NOKsSUNGHUN House in South Korea

Expansive windows and sliding glass doors opening onto the lush trees, natural wood decking and plenty of well-placed lights. The owner of this house can take a freely, private stroll into an open natural space.

Both of the two adjacent volumes of this bold, angular, almost sculpture-like house that make up the main house and a guest house, face the interior courtyard. Another thing that adds special character to this house is the angular metal roof inspired by the mountains by the rear-side and the context of surrounding condition of the site.

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