Sustainable Architecture House by Framework Design Architecture


Sustainable Architecture House by Framework Design Architecture

Sustainable architecture is more than attractive these days, as eco-friendly approach is getting more and more popular among the families.

It is also a future-forward attitude towards life, as planet resources are decreasing. Here is an example of sustainable home that encompasses residential, commercial and workshop space in one, designed by architects Lauren and Eric Wendlandt with Kansas City based Framework Design architecture firm.

This 6,500-sq.-ft. (two offices, two residences, and a woodworking/furniture shop) located in Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri, on the corner lot of an old mansion, is partially clad in wood siding from disassembled Kansas barns, taken apart by the architects with the help of family and friends. They describe their design style as classically modernist, with a little eclecticism, mixed with sustainability. This concept is also present in this Sustainable Architecture House.

The interior in the sustainable architecture house


The interior in the sustainable architecture house

The Sustainable architecture house incorporates other salvaged material from around the region such as the horizontal wood finish throughout the interior which is actually made of salvaged oak flooring taken from area remodels. This is how they resurrected old material and gave them new life. Recycling is called the technique of the future, like the alchemy in the past days, itĀ  transforms common materials into contemporary and modern golden design elements.

The sustainable house combines a natural appeal with industrial-chic elements, as the warm wood clad gives it a rustic style. It features an inspired and equally inspiring workspace and its distinctive flavor is complemented with expansive windows creating the feeling of being outdoors, enhanced by all wood details.

Interior Design in the sustainable architecture house


Modern staircase in the SustainableĀ  Architecture House

The modern staircase brings loft-style flair to the atmosphere as its floating steps and a railing are made from pipe. Among other sustainable amenities are as a rainwater radiant flooring, recycling system, photovoltaics, tankless and solar water heaters, recycled insulation and tiles, passive ventilation, dual- and low-flush toilets and shower heads, thermal stone walls, natural lighting, and a rooftop garden in the works. Framework Design the Architects of this Sustainable Architecture House.

Dining room furniture


Dining room furniture in the modern house

Contemporary kitchen design


Contemporary kitchen design in the Sustainable Modern House

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