Sustainable design house in Los Angeles


Sustainable design house in Los Angeles Ehrlich house

This sustainable design house is created by the sustainable architecture company John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects. It is a nearly 360 m² family residence. The investors required a green architecture house that has a large garden that the living spaces will face. This creates a problem for the architects because a sustainable building suggests a structure that faces south and the garden has to be on the north-east, because of city requirements. This contradiction is resolved by the creating of an L-shaped plan for the sustainable house’s floors.

Sustainable Living space design


Sustainable Living space design

The living spaces on the first floor of  the sustainable design house are arranged around the garage. They are facing a garden of the same L-shaped form. But just this resolution does not mean that the house is going to be energy-efficient. There is a lot of necessary things that still need to be done. The architects try to solve the problems of the north-east exposure by using various details. They put eaves on the south-east side to block the strong summer sun but allow the winter sun to reach the floor and heat it up.

 Sustainable Kitchen Design


Elegant white kitchen design

The house floor is made from concrete and acts like a heating sink due to the radiant heating it contains. The cladding of the house is made with plaster and cement board which both are sustainable materials. Sustainably harvested material is also used for the wooden elements of the house like the stairs and front door. There is a photovoltaic system located on the roof which covers a significant amount of the energy needed by the household. The architects use other useful methods to compensate the fact that most of the living spaces in the house are not facing south.

 Sustainable design house in Los Angeles


Sustainable design house in Los Angeles

They find ways to bring southern wind and light inside the house and thus make it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, as well as more energy-efficient.
The interior of the house is as modern as its exterior. We find white walls, a lot of glass and colorful accents. The furniture is minimal and carefully arranged according to their purpose. It gives this contemporary green home just the comfort it needs.

  Sustainable Dining room design


Sustainable Dining room

  Staircase in family residence


The Staircase to the Second Floor



Bathroom with minimalistic wooden framed tub 

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