Sustainable Eco house in the forest


Mount Misery forest house facade

This neat wooden house is located in San Harbor, NY. It is an old building renovated by the architects at Jendretzki Design and Planning Consultant.

The name of the area where this home stands is “Mount Misery”. It gives the wrong impression of an unpleasant place while the setting is very beautiful and peaceful, situated in а deciduous forest that changes view every season. The idea of renovating this old house is inspired by the concept for an eco home that is both modern and rural, close to nature and has a fair price for its assets.

Dining room in wooden house


Dining room interior design

The house has two stories. The floor-plan is a bit unusual. There are a media room, exercise room, laundry room and mechanical room on one side of the first floor and a bedroom on the other side with a wide pool house separating them. The second floor is reachable through an interior stairway as well as an outdoor stairway. The living room and dining room are located there along the other three bedrooms. The house has a nice large porch and several decks. The main material from which the whole house is made is wood. Wood is visible everywhere in the home, creating coziness.

Kitchen in forest house

It blends beautifully with the forest around the forest house. Wood prevails in the interior as well. The color scheme inside consists of white, brown and beige creating a pleasant
This forest house is also designed as an eco-friendly building. It has solar panels on the roof to collect sun light and transform it to energy for the house. There is a rain water collecting system, too. And last, but not least, most of the woods used to build it are recycled woods and wood-composites. Cork is also used as an eco material.

Outdoor stairway


Outdoor stairway 

With its plain modern look and eco friendliness this house is also very affordable due to its location and not very expensive materials.

Living room


Living room in mount Misery forest house

Round window


Mount Misery wooden house round window

Forest house porch


Mount misery forest house porch

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