St. Emanuel House by Ronnie Self

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St. Emanuel House by Ronnie Self


St. Emanuel house exterior design

Ronnie Self is the architect of this 150 m² modern house situated in Houston, Texas, USA. The concept of the building is to create a more friendly and private atmosphere among the city’s busy streets. That is the reason the whole house is elevated from ground level and raised above the noise and dirt of the surroundings.

 St. Emanuel house exterior

The house has got a single floor and a roof terrace. On ground level there are only a storage room and a stairway leading to the living areas and continuing up to the roof. The stairway is placed in the center of the building and all the rooms are arranged around it.

Dining area interior design

Upon climbing the stairs one enters the combined living and dining area. The kitchen is connected to the dining area and the living room opens to a study. The bedroom area of the house is located behind the staircase. After passing the study, one reaches a corridor with two bedrooms and a spacious bathroom on one side and a lot of closet space on the other. The house has a south-east exposure.

Bedroom interior design


Bedroom interior design

The whole south-east façade is glazed in large windows that shed light into the two bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. The living room receives its day lighting through a few more windows placed on the house’s only acute angle that faces north. There is also a tiny window in the hallway. The rest of the building is closed to the environment with solid white walls that isolate it from the noise outside.

Living area with big library


The interior of this contemporary home combines modern features and the warmth of a big city style home. The walls and ceiling are painted white and the flooring is made from dark wood. The furniture is minimal, mixed with some decoration. The living room shelters a big library that brings a lot of color in the picture.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Bathroom design


City style house interior design


City style house interior design

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