PL House by Fernando Maculan and Pedro Morais


This odd thrilling house is located on a sheer slope in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The designers behind it are architects Fernando Maculan and Pedro Morais.

The high positioning of the house creates a very private atmosphere and reveals views to the magnificent landscape around. It makes you feel like you live on top of the world. A large terrace goes around the house and borders on the continuously ascending slope above.

Pl house architecture


Pl house architecture design

The building is made from concrete which gives it a stable solid look standing on the 60 percent incline. The entrance is reachable through a steep winding road that goes in front it and stops at one end of the building where a garage is located. The garage is open-air, covered only from above by the roof of the house. The roof is a slightly tilted slab supported by columns. It covers the whole house and gives the second floor the solid look it needs to harmonize with the sturdiness of the first level. There is a prismatic volume that extends from the roof slab. It is glazed to let daylight lit the place from above.

Living area interior

The lower of the two levels shelters the more private areas of the house while the second one is glazed with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large terrace. The first level of the house shelters all the bedrooms. A staircase leads to the next level which has an open plan and consists of a kitchen, dining area and living room.

Kitchen and dining area design


Kitchen and dining area design

The interior of the rooms is minimal and kept as clean as possible. It includes white walls, wooden flooring, and warm cream-colored ceiling in the living area. Some bright accents such as a bold red sofa in the dining room and red kitchen board are also used.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Corridor and staircase design


Wooden corridor and staircase design

Minimalist open plan interior


Minimalist open plan interior

Exterior by Fernando Maculan and Pedro Morais


Exterior by Fernando Maculan and Pedro Morais

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