Nakahouse by XTEN Architecture


Nakahouse black white architecture design

Nakahouse is a 350 m² residence built in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. The architects from XTEN Architecture create a modern abstract addition to a house that originally dates from the 1960s. The contemporary new look of the building represents style and Hollywood class. The Nakahouse impresses with its clean black and white design.

Black facade from XTEN Architecture


Black facade from XTEN Architecture

Black is the color that prevails in the facade while the inside is completely covered in white. That strong contrast represents two different types of environment. The dark shell outlines the clear shapes of the building and makes it look connected to the dark green vegetation in the background. The white color makes certain parts of the house stand out and create a sense of unity in the interior spaces.

House built in Hollywood Hills


Modern house built in Hollywood Hills

The residence is built on two floors. The first one consists of three levels with different height. The lower one of them is placed in the middle of the building and covered with a slanted slab. It shelters an open plan living room enclosed with three glass walls. The room faces the beautiful surrounding hills. To the right there is a door that leads outside to a white staircase. Three steps up one reach a small terrace that provides entry to one of the bedrooms.

Minimalist style living room


Minimalist style living room interior

Left from the centered living room is another staircase that is a lot wider and leads up to a higher and larger terrace. From here one can either enter the open plan kitchen and dining area or continue up to the roof terrace through another small stairway. There is another bedroom in the back of the house. Both bedrooms use the same bath while the common living area has a separate one.

White minimalist kitchen interior


White minimalist kitchen interior

The interior of Nakahouse is completely white: white walls, white floors, white ceilings, white furniture, everything looks new and clean. The beam construction of the roof that is visible inside is also painted in white. This modern concept gives the house a perfect sense of simplicity and purity. The one thing that stands out while you’re inside is the magnificent colorful scenery that is revealed from every corner.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Stylish white bathroom interior


Stylish white bathroom interior design

Minimalistic open plan kitchen design


Minimalistic open plan kitchen design


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