Modern Luxury Single Family house in Santiago


The San Damian L-shaped Luxury house

This contemporary home is designed by DAW Architects. The house is situated in a large green plot, surrounded by trees that give two vital things to the building: nice shading and privacy. The yard is spacious and gives opportunity for outdoor activities such as sport or a simple walk among nature. It is also suited for an outdoor dinner with the family or dinner party. The pool located next to the house gives a bit of liveliness to this serene green place. It is placed in the sunniest part of the yard, where trees can’t prevent the sun from warming the water and make it sparkle beautifully.

L-shaped San Damian house


L-shaped contemporary architecture  San Damian house

Adding water in the picture always changes the landscape and adds variety to modern house.
The entrances of the house are reachable through carefully arranged paths paved with stone. These paths are connected to the exterior image of the building which is also made mostly from natural materials. Wood, concrete and glass compose the exterior of this house, giving it such modern and natural look. The fact that it has only one floor makes it feel even closer to nature instead of trying to prevail it. On the contrary, the building looks like a part of the environment.

San Damian house dining area


The Kitchen Interior design – The Dining Area

The floor plan of house is L-shaped, divided to three parts according to the privacy level of the inhabitants. The most private area isn’t as revealing as the other two which invite light and magnificent views through the huge glass walls and windows. As for the interior of the house it is also contemporary, designed in warm natural colors. A lot of light comes through the glazing and makes the rooms sunny and inviting. Throughout the façade the dark warm color of the wood comes into contrast with the concrete’s paleness and they both fall into place with the green yard around them. It is an image of harmony between structure and nature.

San Damian house garden


The outdoor entertaining area

San Damian house


The house is made essentially with natural materials

Wooden corridor in house


Interior Design – The Corridor designed with wooden panels

Stone alley


The Gardern – Exterior Design

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