Modern Design House by Jane D Burnside Architects

The Origami House


Modern Design House – The Origami House

 The Modern Design house is a modern residential building designed by Jane D Burnside Architects. It is located in the Northern Ireland in Kells. The site has idyllic scenery to offer to this beautiful home. It is green and full of deciduous trees and small plants. There is also a dam that lies calmly next to the structures and reflects everything around it. The home is lit very well and has nice views to the outdoor scenery through the floor-to-ceiling windows.
This Modern Design house has only one level and because of that it spreads widely. In order to avoid the boring simple look of a stretched single-floor building, the architects design the house in a more interesting way by using the impact of unusual arrangement.The idea is actually very simple.

Modern House Design by Jane D Burnside Architects


Modern Design House – The Origami House

That modern design house consists of eight different volumes each shaped like a countryside cottage. They are connected with a bridge that goes over the dam. There are five cottages on one side of the bridge and three more on the other side. Those two groups form the two main parts of the house that are basically continuous rows of cottages. It is actually more like two houses united by the same style and concept.

Modern design building


Modern Design House – The Origami House

All of the cottages’ slanted roofs lining one after another make the image of the building much more vivid and livelier. The facades are painted in pure white and the roofs are covered with dark gray tiles. The windows are large and take significant part of the façade where the living areas are located. The more private parts of the house have smaller narrow windows. Huge white chimneys are used as accents.

White Interior Design


The Origami House – The Living Room

The interior is designed in bright colors, mostly whites and some beige in the furniture and decoration. The different rooms are arranged as an open plan spaces which makes them feel more spacious and not pressed by the various shapes that take place in this house. It is after all a home with a lot of angles and roof inclinations.

White Kitchen Design


Modern Design House – Kitchen Design

White Outdoor furniture


Modern Design House – The Origami  outdoor entertainment area

Origami house


Modern Design House – The Origami House Landscape

By K.H.Hristova

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