Modern courtyard design by Hutchison & Maul Architecture


Modern Courtyard house exterior

This contemporary home is located on Mercer Island, Washington.

It is created by the designers at Hutchison & Maul Architecture. The property of the house is situated on top of a sheer slope. Due to its long and narrow form, the lot makes the design and building more difficult, but it compensates with a beautiful waterfront view and clear mountain air.
The house is an interesting structure that spreads about 620 m². It consists of courtyards carved into the rocks.

Modern house facade


Modern house facade

These yards of house have wooden flooring with grass growing between the separate boards and big stones arranged on them. All of this is visible from the house through the large windows of the modern façade. They bring nature closer to the home and create a feeling that you are in the outdoors.

Interior staircase

The building has three levels connected through both interior and exterior staircases.

Living room interior


Living room interior with white sofa and fireplace

The first level sheltering a kitchen, dining room and living room, is designed from concrete that makes it look a bit rough in contrast with the other two floors. The exterior of level two and three combines dark wood and steel – a combination that, together with the rich glazing brings elegance and sophistication to the place. The interior uses a lot of wood in light colors for the ceilings and floors.

Dining area


Contemporary dining area with round table set

The rooms located on the lower floors like the dining area and the living room receive interesting shading from the tall trees above them due to the different levels of this steep rocky place. The common rooms have minimal furniture in neutral colors.

Bedroom design


Minimalist white bedroom

The bedrooms are also furnished minimal and designed mostly in white. The natural light that enters through the windows turns this modern neutral environment into a different world where shades and reflections come to live.

Modern living room


Modern living room with black sofa

By K.H.Hristova

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