Modern Cabin in Ranch Style by WRB

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Modern Cabin with an Oceanfront View



Modern cabin design

This H-shaped structure surely stands for H-igh quality design! A project of the Stockholm-based architecture firm WRB which has worked to create unique modern architecture homes specific to each of their project needs since their establishment in 2004 The H House, completed in 2006, is a private villa in cool ranch style made of timber, glass and steel.

Modern villa design in ranch style


Modern villa design in ranch style

Overlooking the ocean this modern villa is situated in Trosa, one of Sweden’s wealthiest residential neighbourhoods. The cabin features a contemporary H-shaped structure which surrounds the main courtyard that emphasis on exploring the border between inside and outside. One third of the built up area consist of outdoors sheltered by a roof. The house is fully conformed to the environment as the climate in the area is harsh with short and windy summers. Winds are the real problem in this coastal areas. That’s why the architects created an intimate and wind protected courtyards that prolong the summer season. They provided an eased transition between the indoors and outdoors along the threshold that separates the two.

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