Modern Architecture House by Schuchart and Dow


Modern Architecture House by Schuchart and Dow

Named the Woodway Residence and described as “contemporary Northwest natural” by the architects of Schuchart/Dow, this concrete modern architecture house enjoys private, peaceful location surrounded by nature. Its style can be described by the clients’ appreciation of craftsmanship, desire for privacy and love of nature. The owners are really fond of the outdoors, botany, wildlife, as picturesque landscape perfectly suite the clients’ varied menagerie of animals – their own horses give the countryside home a true rustic feel.

The Kitchen of the Modern Architecture House


Modern Architecture House – The Kitchen

The modern architecture house features modern touches like contemporary concrete floors and walls, a stainless steel kitchen and basalt countertops, spanning on 11,000 sq. ft.. Insulated architectural concrete was used for many of the exterior and interior walls and floors, combined with natural stone wall attached to the front and wooden elements for different parts of the house. The modernistic feel is brought back to Earth with “country” details such as he post-and-beam structure of reclaimed Douglas Fir and large overhangs that create a sense of shelter to natural element yet still remain open to them. Large windows in every room give this natural modern house lush, green views thus deepening the connection between inside and outside.

The Modern House Dining Room


Dining room of the Modern House

Sitting around the table in the dining area will surely be a real pleasure as forest views seem amazing. The Woodway residence has several rooms that have elements such as a traditional Japanese door that slides and is all made of wood. The simple Northwest palette of materials and colors, open floor plan, resulted in a muscular and sophisticated structure with natural tone.

Modern Architecture House by Schuchart and Dow


Modern Architecture House by Schuchart and Dow

This rustic house style, surrounded by green scenery and a landscaped pond outside, is a proof that the architects adopted perfectly the concept of creating harmony with the natural surroundings and created an intimate relationship with the natural world. For more information about this example of the rural dwelling, you can check out Schuchart/Dow website.

Bedroom -Modern Architecture House by Schuchart and Dow


Modern Architecture House – Bedroom interior design

Interior Design with Wooden elements


Minimalist interior design

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